Techniques for a Successful School Year

To my readers out there, I wanted to post a blog about the various back to school techniques that worked for my children.  I had the class clown student who always got into trouble, then I had the gifted and talented child who never got into trouble at school, and finally I had one that was what I call in the middle.  She wasn’t the class clown, but a social butterfly, who just made the typical grades to get through school.  Because each child was so different, I came up with techniques that would not only make my life easier, but help them be successful students as well.

Study hour

Study hour should take place whether they have homework or not.  If they don’t have homework,  have them read a book.  Don’t let them just sit there for the hour; make them be productive.  Make this a part of their routine.

Nightly routine

Have them prepare for the next day the night before.  Have lunches made, backpacks ready and by the door, and clothes out for the next day.  Make sure they can complete their routine before their bedtime.  Sleep is a big key to having an alert and successful student.

Homework apps

There are so many homework apps that can help your child be successful.  Here are two apps that I think are really good.  “Kahn Academy” and “Photomath”.


Encourage your child to ask questions.  If your child is shy, setup a meeting with the teacher to make him/her feel more comfortable.  Also, teach your child to be respectful of the teacher and the classroom rules.  Don’t expect the teacher to tolerate unruly behavior as this disrupts the classroom.


Make sure you or your child is packing a healthy lunch.  Also, make sure that your child has a healthy breakfast to start the day off right.


When possible, add into everyday life some of the school lessons your child has learned.  For example, using cooking to incorporate Math is an excellent practical lesson.  They are learning units of measure and following directions.  When shopping, allow the child to determine how much money they should get back when you pay for your items.

If your children is struggling with a subject.  Teach them that with extra practice and help they can be successful at what they are struggling with.  Teach them that it’s okay to ask for help and to ask questions.


Parents, don’t assume that your child is always right or is always telling the truth.  Always talk to the teacher with your child present.  Usually the story changes, once that child is in front of the teacher.  Don’t expect the teacher to pass your child if your child is not doing the work or making attempts to try.

Finally, no one is good at everything.  We all have our strengths and weaknesses.  It’s okay to let your kids fail.  I know that sounds horrible, but think about what that teaches them.  It teaches them problem solving techniques, and consequences for their actions.  All key skills needed in adulthood.  We all have made mistakes and have learned from them.  This will teach them that when they fall, they can pick themselves back up.

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